Who We Are

The Brand “Mor Sincap” (Purple Squirrel):


“Mor Sincap” means “purple squirrel” in Turkish. “Purple squirrel” is a term used by human resources professionals to describe a job candidate with the right education, set of experience, and qualifications that perfectly fit the job’s requirements. Purple squirrels are extremely rare and highly sought-after candidates.

Purple, in general, is the color of knowledge, wisdom and deep thoughts. Squirrels are known for being small but very fast and agile. Many people see them as messengers of change, bringing new opportunities into our lives.

Mor Sincap is a company that organizes seminars, educational events and activities. It aims to provide high quality services to those who want to make a difference for themselves and the community, by using its vast skills and experiences.

About Gamze Er, the Founder:

Gamze Er is a Turkish entrepreneur, born in 1977 in Saudi Arabia, where her father was working for American companies as an engineer. She lived there for 10 years. Then, she returned to the city of Izmir, in Turkiye. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and her master’s degree in Management and Organization.

She also holds a Certificate for Teaching English and she is certified as a sworn translator/interpreter. Gamze Er has worked in educational institutions for 13 years and has also worked as a freelance translator. In 2017 she founded EgitimciRoportaji.com, which is a website for interviews with educators. In 2018, she founded Mor Sincap Educational Events and Consulting.

Gamze Er is also the author of a pioneering book, “Sanal Ortamda Itibar Yonetimi” (Managing Reputation on the Internet), and is a reputation management expert certified by the New York Reputation Institute.